Dear sirs!

Recently cases of mass dispatches of not requested messages (SPAM) have become frequent. Therefore, the administration of a site is compelled to enter official rules which observance guarantees perusal of messages.

1) The message should be sent from the correct address of a E-Mail and contain the contact information for the further negotiations.

2) The message should be is directed to the concrete addressee. The messages addressed to a depersonalized circle of persons and set of the organizations (the list of dispatch) are not considered.

3) The message should be directed no more an once, except for the official request of it to repeat or continuations of negotiations. Any dispatches are inadmissible, on addresses of the given site the administration does not sign and will not sign dispatch of any character.

4) The size of the message should not exceed 50 Kb. For loading messages of the greater size the reference should be specified in the Internet or the official sanction to his sending is received.

5) The message should correspond to the subjects declared on the given site.

At infringement of these rules the address and a name of the sender are located in " the black list ". Reading of mail from such organizations is blocked. Besides we may direct the claim provider, serving such client.

If your message for any reasons is not received or you long do not receive the answer take advantage of other ways of communication (phone, a fax, usual mail, personal contact).

Once again we bring the apologies if observance of the given rules creates for you additional inconveniences, but they will allow to process your inquiry most quickly and precisely.


Yours faithfully,

Administration of a site